Saturday, 9 April 2016

Interview With Aramide

Aramide just released the video to her song ''Love Me'' featuring Adekunle Gold. Luckily we had caught up with her to have a quick chat. 

Who are your musical influences? 
*sighs, I have a few. I went through different phases but these artists were present at every phase- Aretha Franklin, India Arie, Ray Charles and their likes. I am really into soul music.

What challenges have you faced working in the Nigerian music industry?
The main challenge I have faced is with my genre of music. It is not popular. I have had to prove to people that I am both a good songwriter and a good artist.

What other things are you passionate about? 
*Laughs* “I am not a good dancer though I love dancing but on a more serious note, I love cooking and teaching. After music comes teaching for me.” 

What inspires your to write? 
Things around me, my life, and other peoples' lives

Top Five Songs on your playlist at the moment? 
My song, Love me featuring Adekunle Gold
Therapy by Mary J Blige from the album ‘’London Sessions’’
Love yourself by Justin Bieber 
Every song on Adele’s ‘’25’’ album 

What is your advice for aspiring musicians? 
You have to be patient, make sure you are talented, try to blend in with what is happening in the music industry so you remain relevant. Have I said be patient? To make it in the music industry takes years of hard work, a lot of patience and a lot of prayers. 

Who inspired your song ‘’Iwo Nikan’
Uhumm! That is a love song and who inspired it? My husband.

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