Saturday, 24 June 2017

#GettingToKnowYou Miss Lindsey is... Global. Unorthodox. Minimalist

Lindsey Abudei is a Nigerian neo-soul singer and songwriter. She started recording in 2004 while she was still an undergraduate in Jos, Plateau State, Nigeria.
Her album,"...And the bass is queen" has a lot of gems but some of our favourite Lindsey songs include her cover of Fela's "Palava", 'Out the Magazine' and 'Shoot em down"

Her aura is very calm, but you know they say, still waters run deep.
Our #AMN team sat down excitedly and spoke about music and pain.

AMN: Hi Lindsey! Let us get right to it! When was the first time you realized your passion for music was different from the regular guy?
Miss Lindsey: I'm not sure I know exactly how a regular person's 'passion' is but I know that music wasn't just for enjoyment alone. It gave me solace, was a slice of Nirvana for me. So, when I started to fall in love with performing at 17, I saw more of myself.

AMN: What was the first song that changed your life and why?
ML: It was albums more than just songs that did that. One of those, among many, of course is Stevie Wonder's 'Songs In The Key Of Life' album. It helped develop my training by ear as a singer and opened up the vista for the art I love now.

AMN: What is one song you wish you wrote yourself.
ML: Sing To The Moon | Laura Mvula.

AMN: Who are the people you are currently listening to?
ML: Laura Mvula, No Name, Diane Coffee, Aurora, Childish Gambino. Those are some...

AMN: Where do you go to for inspiration?
ML: Solitude given to me in different spaces.

AMN: Some argue that it is easier to write from a place of pain than joy. Thoughts?
ML: It works both ways, I think. I am often in melancholy even when I try to write songs about joy.

AMN: What three words do you want associated with your brand?
ML: Global. Unorthodox. Minimalist

Lindsey is currently touring and exploring intimate, artsy places in Lagos, Abuja, and soon, other countries.

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  1. Love Lindsey. Love the song that goes 'when you don't drive me mad, you're the sweetest thing that I know' and everything about 'Out The Magazine' and ...