Friday, 21 July 2017

'Oya' : The Boy Band Comeback

There’s a thing to be said about boy bands in Nigeria, we are lacking them! But this isn’t where I’m heading, instead of having to complain about the lack of variety in the Nigerian music industry, I’m genuinely pleased to not ask, “Where are all the boy bands in Nigeria?”

The Isomers have remained a stand out crew from day 1! (I think) Choosing to go the alternative route in the musical course yet churning out good material that keep you wanting more.

I remember the first time I had a listen to them, I was impressed but you see, there’s something to be said about a great song with depth, attitude and fluidity while backing it up with a kick ass video.

‘Oya’ by the Isomers is just that tilt of awesome you would need to make you say “awww”

It’s a break free song, it’s testing your limits and throwing out the net without knowing if there’s any fish to catch, it follows the phrase "you've got to risk it to get the biscuit"

It’s almost a dare this one, like you are being challenged to dare yourself, dare yourself to do that thing you probably always wanted to do but decided to play safe, however, it (the song) strongly indicates that even after taking that bold step, its not necessarily all  smooth sailing ahead.

So in all simplicity, its an inspiring piece that did a nice job of showing some parts of the country’s capital city .

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