Wednesday, 26 July 2017

Romeo and Juliet is the Drille

I may have got on this band wagon late but this fangirl is definitely here to stay. Signed in, bought the t-shirt, locked and loaded, and ready to go on for days about the country-esque styled musician that is Johnny Drille.

You almost wish he had done a song with Taylor Swift before she switched genres to pop.
But beautiful doesn’t begin to cover the way Johnny’s ‘Romeo and Juliet’ made me feel. It’s the type of song you’d easily fall for and this has nothing to do with the fact that it’s named after one of Shakespeare’s most successful romance stories to hit the shelves of the public.

It may have borrowed the name, but this Romeo and Juliet certainly carries its own character. It’s a punch of sappy emotions for all lovers and intended lovers out there.

A long breath of fresh air this one is, the strum of the guitar simply puts you at ease and you almost forget he’s Nigerian as he starts to sing, but you get pulled back into a sweet reality of his Nigerian-ness by his interesting infusion of pidgin, you have to ask, “Who is this man? Where did he come from? And what will he do next?”

With content for days, listening to his words will transcend you, and ladies, if we aren’t careful we may just loose our heads over this Mavin star and his sugar coated words/voice.

Simply a shining talent in the Nigerian Music Industry and under a brilliant label to shine a brighter spotlight on his work, it would seem in a few years, Johnny should prepare for a duet with Blake Shelton and the likes *Fingers crossed* and theme songs to lace our Romantic-Comedies with some extra spice. Hello new Nollywood, meet Johnny Drille…talk among yourselves.

Not to be a sensational, but this is the kind of song, you want to hear as an underlay to those absolute romantic moments. No longer do we have to suffer tuneless music as background songs in our movies, Its Johnny Drille to the rescue (We Hope)  

That falsetto? Amazing or what? I better stop now.

Here's the Lyric Video for Romeo and Juliet. give your ears the pleasure of this sound

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